BLOOPERS! – Revenge of the Cybermen

I got Revenge recently on DVD, did a Blooper Hunt and the results are in. Some of these are pointed out on the DVD, but some of `em ain`t!

First up, we`ve got the opening CSO shot with the Dr, Sarah & Harry – if you look you`ll see that Harry`s leg is partially masked by something or other. I dunno what it is with these kind of shots but if you remember something similar happened with Varan in The Mutants

Those aren`t extras playing the corpses in the corridor, they`re dummies. Very unconvincing dummies. Maybe it looks better in Black & White. On a very small screen…

As well as giving you a better look at the “dead” dummies, this shot lets you see that the stars`re not stars, they`re rope lights. And you can see the rope…

Ok, you could spend ages pointing out the dummy thing…

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BLOOPERS – Pyramids of Mars

Thanks to Combom for flagging up that TV`s Greatest Mistakes show that was on BBCThree recently. Luckily for me, most of the stuff was discontinuities, which I`m avoiding in this series of Blooper posts. And yes, there were some in there that I missed myself. But they also didn`t include many of the ones I`ve posted about here, so I think that makes us about even. It just goes to show what you miss when you see what you`re looking at!

Of course they had to include The Most Famousest Dr Who Blooper Ever, yes folks let`s give it up for The Hand of Sutekh!

But there`s a better one than that much earlier in the story.

PoM was a difficult story effects-wise, you only need to look at the DVD extras to see what an arse they made of the roll-back-and-mix effects. But the sets proved problematic too. For…

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On this day in 1977


7-2-77I first got into horse racing when I became transfixed with the glorious and magnificent Red Rum. My first memory of him is watching my mother kick the TV screen as Tommy Carberry pulled away on L’Escargot on the run-in in the 1975 National. After that I used to wait desperately for the daily paper to drop through the letterbox so I could devour the racing pages. I soon became familiar with the top names of the day: Winter; Pitman; Gifford; Kelleway; Champion; King etc… and before long I was helping my dad pick out his selections for the ITV 7 on a Saturday afternoon. My mum made me a replica of Noel Le Mare’s famous maroon and yellow colours carried by Brian Fletcher on Rummy, and an old armchair made an excellent replica horse as I recreated imaginary races where Red Rum won by a distance, destroying Pendil and…

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For Your Ears Only: Thunderball

Podcasting Them Softly

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Tom and Frank are back with their latest installment of Podcasting Them Softly’s James Bond series, For Your Ears Only. This time they discuss Terence Young’s final outing as Bond helmer with THUNDERBALL. Tom and Frank are joined by fellow James Bond aficionado Mark Ashby as they discuss in great detail what many consider one of the best Bond films.

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