CD Review – New Zero God – Under The Influence Of Captain Pan Ikatac


Greek rockers New Zero God are back with another blistering set of tracks full of darkness, atmosphere, and hard and heavy rock and roll!

‘Hell bent on me to lose’ is a racy and raw garage rock tune sounding somewhere between Spit Endz and the Angels. The track is spewing out with energy with a rough and ready atmosphere all the while rocking out with high intensity.

‘Under the radar’ lifts the intensity another notch with a chaotic industrial soundscape backing up the deep dark “Nick Cave-esq” vocals.

The Dark En Ciel Remix of ‘Shadow Of Wealth’ brings in a dark and eerie trip-hop vibe reminiscent of Massive Attack of Tricky. The music lulls you in and takes you off on a deep  journey though darkness.

The “album” version of ‘Shadow of Wealth’ closes off the EP and is the major highlight to what is a killer line up of…

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