Halloween 2018 set to start filming in January

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It’s been revealed that the next chapter of the Halloween series will start filming in January in Charleston, South Carolina.

Although originally rumoured to be starting earlier this year in October, local newspaper The Island Packet from Charleston has stated that the film is also still looking for extras.

The Blumhouse produced sequel has caused debate amongst fans after David Gordon Green revealed that the film will tweak the ending to the original 1978 classic to fit with the new narrative.

The only facts available at this time are that Jamie Lee Curtis has confirmed she will return as Laurie Strode whilst John Carpenter will produce the film and also contribute some of the music.

Judy Greer has also been rumoured to have been cast as the daughter of Laurie but that hasn’t been formally confirmed by Blumhouse or anyone else connected with the project.

Halloween is set to be…

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Peaky Blinders (but were too lazy to Google)

Brummed Out


Since I started a gently humorous series of posts on the Birmingham-set BBC drama Peaky Blinders, I have found all sorts of interesting search engine terms and questions cropping up on my stats. I thought it only fair to try and answer as many as I could. Here goes:

1)      What is the theme tune? Who sings it?

Oh good, an easy one to start with. It’s a song called Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Being a teenager in the 90s helped here. Nick Cave is great and he also adapted a book about the prohibition to make the film Lawless that was out earlier this year. Red Right Hand was also featured in the first Scream film, back in the day.

2)      Why is the show called Peaky Blinders?

If you’ve seen it, you’ll probably know; the gang takes its name from…

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Red Rum Ultimate Collection 


He’s the horse that made me fall in love with National Hunt Racing. When I was a kid I would’ve given my right, and left, arms to have what I’m offering today! What is it?

Over 700 pages from the Daily Mirror and Daily Express from 1967-78 spanning Rummy’s entire career. It includes race cards, articles and news snippets of all types.

All yours in high quality PDF format for the special introductory price of £50.

Get in touch via the contact form or via Facebook if interested in this must have memorabilia for Rummy fans!

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